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All-in-one land data platform – helping civil engineers, housing professionals, and infrastructure designers win more work and get projects out the door faster.

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How Does Equator Work?

Equator consolidates the site data civil engineers and land developers need in one platform

Your new competitive advantage

Hundreds of government data portals to sift through. Missing information. Unusable file formats. Poor data accuracy.

These challenges make it difficult to leverage competitive insights to win proposals or get work done. Equator uses built-in GIS tooling, high resolution LiDAR, and AI insights to help your team understand the site in more detail, faster than ever before.

Win more projects

Showcase how well your team understands the project site with hundreds of land data sets easily accessed from one central portal.

Produce quality deliverables

Access centimeter-accurate LiDAR-derived topography to create quality CAD, GIS, and modeling deliverables.

Slash project timelines

View and download site data right from the kickoff in the file format you need! No more waiting for topo surveys.

Our Customers’ Results

↑ 3X Faster Deliverables

Faster site drawings and existing conditions models

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↓ 50% Less Costs

Lower survey and design costs

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“I’ve got a better design and cut the project costs nearly in half – and that was all from right here at my desk!”

– Tom, Director of Real Estate Development

Tom showing the contours he sourced from Equator in Kentucky

Our Mission

Building communities and infrastructure faster by empowering civil engineers with data, insights, and confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Equator is mapping and design software with thousands of built-in data sets.  Equator is used by civil engineers, architects, and construction professionals around the world to find, build, and share maps and designs instantly.

Equator indexes data from open data portals around the world.  Many data sets are pulled in automatically through APIs and others are added by our team of GIS experts and geospatial developers.

Equator goes above and beyond other data platforms, by layering on automated GIS services.  Instead of hiring specialists to collect or process data, Equator allows you to independently create deliverables that meet your project needs in minutes.

LiDAR is Light Detection and Ranging technology.  This technology uses a pulsed laser to measure distances from the laser to a surface.  LiDAR is often used for remote sensing applications, for example, measuring the distance to the Earth’s surface for elevation mapping.  Learn more here.