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Catawba County GIS Data

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Catawba County FAQ’s

Catawba County is located in North Carolina (NC).

Catawba County was part of one of the largest gold producing areas in the entire US until 1848.

The population of Catawba County, North Carolina is 160,610 (2020 census).

Catawba County, North Carolina was founded in 1842.

The biggest city in Catawba County, NC is Hickory.

The total area of Catawba County, North Carolina is 416.02 square miles.


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Equator goes above and beyond other data platforms, by layering on automated GIS services.  Instead of hiring specialists to collect or process data, Equator allows you to independently create deliverables that meet your project needs in minutes.

GIS, or Geographic Information System, is a technology that allows for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of spatial and geographical data. It integrates various types of information, such as maps, satellite imagery, and demographic data, to help users make informed decisions and understand patterns and relationships within geographic locations.

The accuracy of the GIS data on Equator is based on the GIS source. Check out the metadata associated with your site to determine the accuracy.

Downloading GIS data from Equator is easy. Simply login or create a new account and create a new site by pressing the +NEW SITE button. In the data menu select the type of data you are looking for (contours, DEM, DSM, orthoimagery, or parcels). Apply the data to your site, then in the Layers menu, select the download arrow.

There are so many GIS software programs available. The cost of each program varies from free to thousands of dollars per license. The capabilities of each program are also slightly different. GIS programs include: QGIS, ArcGIS, Manifold GIS, Equator, Mapline, Grass GIS, Post GIS, and Open Layers. Which program you choose is dependent on your needs and capabilities.

Catawba County GIS FAQ’s

The Catawba County, NC GIS dataset is derived from USGS 3D Elevation Program.

The data for Catawba County, North Carolina was collected in 2017.