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Instantly clip data to your boundary and set up your site on your own, for faster turnaround of deliverables.

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Download CAD-ready base plans and start with quality background information from day one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) lets us visualize, question, analyze, and interpret spatial data (like digital maps). GIS is the preferred technology for making better decisions about location, using geographic data. 

Equator is an interactive map that allows users to access built-in gis maps that overlaps with XXXX County.  Using Equator, you can view, extract and print maps for your particular purpose.  The data provided is geographically referenced information that can integrate with other software as well.

Equator is mapping and design software with thousands of built-in data sets.  Equator is used by civil engineers, architects, and construction professionals around the world to find, build, and share maps and designs instantly.

Equator is not the official county GIS system.  Rather, Equator can be used to find information, like topographic maps and LiDAR, that overlap with the county.  We recommend you visit the XXXX county GIS website our contact county departments for the latest maps, property, and land use information.

The Equator GIS platform is optimized for Google Chrome browsers.  Mozilla and internet explorer versions may not function optimally.