Create Roblox maps from real-world topographical data!

How can we create life-like Roblox levels? Use real-world LiDAR scans in your Roblox map to create realistic terrain for an added extra level of detail in your custom game experience.

Getting our Real-World Data

For this tutorial, the easiest way to get free, accurate, real-world terrain is from Equator.

Open Equator and proceed to the next step.

Which Location do we want to export?

Click ‘Search’, then type in the name of the place you’re looking for.

Where do we export data for Roblox?

Detailed maps coverage in Equator

Click “Site Builder” in the top bar to open the export tool and get started.

Note: Some of our UI has been updated. Click here to view an updated video guide on how to extract data from Equator.

How do we define the area that will get exported?

Frame the location you want to export and click the green “ADD A NEW SITE HERE” button.

What will get exported?

The area that will be exported is highlighted with a red outline.

Which asset type is used for Roblox?

Select “Heightmap” from the left sidebar to export a Roblox compatible heightmap.

Where do we adjust heightmap resolution?

Open the “Advanced Options” menu to expose the resolution option.

Note: Some of our UI has been updated. Click here to view an updated video guide on how to extract data from Equator.

How do we change the resolution?

Roblox will accept PNG image heightmaps up to 4096×4096 pixels in size. Click the resolution dropdown and use one of the existing presets. We recommend Unreal 4096×4096, Unreal 2048×2048, and Unreal 1024×1024, for High, Medium, and Low resolution options.

How do we start the export?

Click the green “GENERATE” button to start the export process.

Where can we see export progress?

Click “Layers” to switch to the layers tab and view export progress.

What happens when the export is finished?

When finished, the export will automatically begin downloading. A link will also be e-mailed to you.

How do we edit terrain in Roblox?

Open Roblox Studio, and under “Terrain” click “Editor”.

How do we import our heightmap?

Click the icon next to “Heightmap” and select the PNG you created earlier.

How do we generate the terrain?

Specify a position, size, and material for your terrain. In this case, we chose sand to replicate the environment around the Egyptian pyramids of Giza. Click “Generate” when ready.

Where does the generated terrain go?

The generated terrain will show up in the game editor 3d viewport.

How do I play my new game?

Click “Play” in the upper left corner of Roblox Studio to test your new terrain! Check out the game we created in this example here:

Where can I read more?

For more information, see the Official Roblox Developer documentation for “Importing Terrain Data” @

What will you make with Equator?

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