LiDAR Coverage Map

Equator provides easy access to hundreds of millions of hectares of high-quality, government sourced LiDAR data. Check the LiDAR coverage map, and get started with free access to the largest library of LiDAR data online today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LiDAR?  LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging, which uses laser pulses to measure distances. LiDAR is a type of laser scanning technology used for many different applications, from self-driving cars to scanning the surface of an object.  Equator makes it easy to access airborne LiDAR survey data, typically used by engineers, architects, and other infrastructure professionals.

LiDAR point clouds are typically viewed using modern GIS or CAD software.  Equator helps LiDAR users find and view LiDAR data online without any special setup or training.  Read more about Equator’s LiDAR Viewer, or check out our gallery of beautiful LiDAR point cloud data examples.

In the LiDAR coverage map, the attribute “QL” refers to LiDAR Quality Levels.