A more intuitive interface in Equator

As Equator evolves, so does our interface! We’re happy to announce some changes to the app that will make getting data more intuitive than ever.

New Equator UI

A new left side menu

All of our main menu items can now be found on the left side menu. You can now easily switch between tasks as you create your maps – Search for what you need, organize your Layers and Projects, and add more Data. We’re always adding more functionality and tools, and this menu will grow with us.

Site Builder is now Data

We’re very excited to announce our biggest change – Site Builder is now called Data and can be found on the new left side menu. This tool has all the same functionality as our Site Builder tool, with some small changes to make it even more intuitive and valuable for our users. .

We made this change after conducting extensive user interviews and usability testing, which showed us that getting topographic data wasn’t intuitive with our existing menu. This update is driven by Equator’s mission to make adding data easier and getting you the geographic insights you need even faster.

Before and After UI Changes
New data product tiles in Equator

New thumbnails on data products in Data menu

Within the new Data menu, we’ve improved the thumbnails that give you an idea of the kinds of topographic data products you can create in Equator. Now you can get a better understanding of what an STL, Hillshade or Point Cloud might look like before you download it. This helps you make decisions about exactly the kinds of data you need.

Working with Projects

Did you know you can create multiple projects within Equator? If you’re working in different areas or with different clients, you can create a unique project for each of them.

We’ve now made it easier to understand which project you’re working on at any time – the name of your project is shown prominently across the top toolbar. Double click on it at any time to change the name. You can see a full list of all your projects with the “Projects” tab on the left side menu.

Projects menu in Equator

Check out all the exciting changes, and let us know what you think!

Let us know what you think of the new interface changes, we’re eager to hear what you think!