Equator’s New UI Announcement

We’re happy to announce a fresh new ribbon menu in Equator! You’ll still be able to find all your favourite tools, as well as some brand new features that we’ve introduced.

Search Menu

The Search Menu still allows you to search places and thousands of open data sets. Your previous searches for places will now be saved, so that you can spend more time making maps and less navigating to your sites.

Layer Menu and Labelling

The options menu for each layer is now collapsible by category so you can focus on only the customizations you want to make, without all the clutter. We’ve added a labeling feature that lets you label the features you want with the attributes in a few quick clicks. You can also adjust the rotation, margins and even height of your labels (if you’re working in 3D).

Insert Menu

The Insert Menu includes all of the customization options in one place. You’ll find commonly used tools here like the Markup and Annotation, to help you create new layers and add text to your maps. We’ve also included an Icon option, so you can make your maps more informative and readable. Our icon library will be expanding soon to give you more options!

Cross Section

The Cross Section tool is located in the Insert tab now. This new update still allows you to create cross sections, but gives you more control over how they’re formatted. For a more in-depth look at cross sections, take a look at our Topo Guide here.

Report Menu Quick Access

A button to quickly access the report view has been added on the right side of the new ribbon. This will allow you to quickly toggle back and forth between editing in the map and editing the report.

The rest of the features still have the same functionality, but with everything organized in the new top ribbon menu we’ll be able to add more tools to meet your mapping needs.


Happy mapping!

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