User Guide / Exploring the map

Exploring the map

Zooming in and out quickly

While using a mouse, hold the middle mouse button and move your mouse up and down.

Manual scrolling

You can manually adjust the zoom by using your mouse scroll wheel, or the scroll function on your trackpad.

Changing the map viewing angle

Hold the right mouse or trackpad button and drag to change the angle.

Moving around the map surface

Hold the left mouse or trackpad button and drag to move the camera.

Use the Search menu to navigate to a specific area

Using the Search menu you can type in your desired location and click on the result to have your camera zoom to that location.

Equator Search Navigation

Use the North Arrow to reorient your camera position

To return your camera to be north-facing with an overhead view you can click the North Arrow in the top right corner to reorient the camera automatically.

Equator North Arrow