3D Printed Topography and Terrain Generator

Generate 3D printed topographic maps in minutes, from terrain meshes online. Equator is an easy-to-use 3D topography mapping tool for makers all around the world.

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3D print topographic maps

Using Equator, anyone can download 3D print topography in just a few clicks. Simply draw a polygon around your site, specify the resolution and generate a mesh for your project faster than ever before!

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High-resolution 3D terrain data

Equator generates mesh from high-resolution elevation data, using built-in public LiDAR data sets for Canada and the United States. Start with the best available data, sometimes accurate to a few centimeters! Easily generate 3D meshes from LiDAR right in your browser.

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Convert terrain into STL files

Use Equator to convert 3D terrain into an STL file from high-resolution elevation data.  Download STL models and import them into your software in minutes.

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Next-generation LiDAR software

No other platform allows users to view and download 3D printable topography LiDAR this easily. Make a STL mesh from LiDAR data in minutes with Equator!

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Learn More About Equator

Let us know what you are working on and how we can help! Our team of mapping specialists is available to answer questions and show how to maximize the benefit of Equator for your projects.

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