Global Dataset Catalog

Datasets provided by USGS, LINZ, LIO and Open Topography.

Global Dataset Catalog

Our Mission
To elevate the work of design teams by providing unprecedented access to the world’s data.

Equator Mapping

In 2019 Equator Maps launched with the goal of making high quality, global dataset catalog available to everybody. We started by pre-processing and uploading the Ontario Digital Terrain Model and USGS datasets. By bringing these datasets into Equator the majority of Southern Ontario and over half of the United States became available to export a variety of products (LiDAR Point Clouds, Contours, 3D Surfaces).

As more data becomes available we continue to add it to our platform. Since 2019 we have added LINZ LiDAR, which covers a large portion of New Zealand, BC LiDAR which covers most of southern British Columbia as well as various other available data across Canada and Europe. For areas of without LiDAR coverage, we use JAXA data to provide 30m resolution exports.

At Equator we strive to provide high-quality data for the entire globe.

How is the data acquired?

The LiDAR data is collected by federal or independent contractors using airborne LiDAR collection methods. A plane, helicopter or drone emits light at the ground, which then returns to the sensors giving an exact measurement.

At Equator we use a proprietary pre-processing method using our super computers to turn high-quality LiDAR into data that can be used to create accurate contours, DEMs, DSMs, hill shades and 3D surfaces within the Equator Map.

What can the data be used for?

The data made available through Equator can be used to view, download or share directly from your browser. A variety of file formats are supported, allowing you to prepare files for Civil3D, QGIS, AutoCAD, Google Earth and other GIS software.

Fort Lauderdale Cross Section

Using in-app tools like the cross section tool allows you to not only customize your map, but also draw valuable insights from the data, like accurate elevation information.


Bathymetric LiDAR

When a LiDAR point cloud is loaded into Equator you can customize how the data looks. These settings can be used to create a clear image of the landscape to be used in engineering projects, research and art.


tulsa topographic map

By using the LiDAR data we can create a 3D surface in Equator that has accurate elevation data. When laying contours on top of this elevation data the result is as good, if not better than an in-person surveyor could produce.

View data in Equator

Try using the Site Builder to view data in Equator or export it for use in other software.

If you need help, visit our User Guide for tutorials.