Optimizing Google Chrome for Equator 

By default, some computers are not set up to perform optimally on Google Chrome. This tutorial will explain how to improve the performance of Chrome in 4 simple steps.


Step 1: Access Graphics Settings

Begin by pressing the windows key and searching, ‘Graphics Settings’. Select ‘Graphics Settings’.


Step 2: Browse for Chrome

After clicking Browse, either location your chrome.exe OR copy and paste the following into the file path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe


Step 3: Chrome Options

Once you have added chrome, click ‘Options’.

Step 4: Enable High Performance

Ensure ‘High performance’ is checked, and click ‘Save’.


Congratulations! Your Google Chrome will now use the full potential of your graphics card.

If you are experiencing issues or have any questions, contact us at contact@equatorstudios.com