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What is Equator?

Equator is an online map-making software for civil engineers, architects, and designers. Equator includes thousands of built-in data sets, like LiDAR and DEMs and easy-to-use design and map making tools. Create accurate, professional maps in minutes!

Make a hunting map in Equator

  • Navigate to your location of interest
  • Search through high-res and low-res topographic data sets
  • Add data layers of interest to your hunting map
  • Add lines, labels, icons, and images to your hunting map
  • Share your hunting map with others online, in real-time

Equator GIS CAD Software Integrations

Integrate your map with other software

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Equator supports popular GIS and CAD data formats, so map layers like LiDAR can be easily exported to Civil 3D, ArcGIS, Google Earth, or other platforms.

How to Get Started

Step 1

Open Equator, a map-making platform that works in your browser.

Step 2

Create an account by signing up with your favorite email address.

Step 3

Use the built-in search engine and design tools to find elevation data and build your map.

Frequently Asked Questions

A hunting map is a tool used by hunters to help them track and find game. They can be paper-based or digital, and typically show areas where deer, elk, or other types of animals have been seen recently.

Hunting maps come in both physical and digital formats. Digital hunting maps are found in applications such as iHunter, sometimes supplemented with season dates, sunset times and sunrise times etc.

By tracking the movements of animals, hunters can get an idea of where they might be most likely to find them. In addition, hunting maps can also provide information on animal migration patterns and land features that might impact your hunt. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just getting started, using a hunting map is a great way to improve your chances of success in the field.

Part of the process is that the land needs to be surveyed in order to create a flat surface on which to map. Then, the hunter’s desired path is sketched out and detailed with elevation markers. After that, the map is rendered in color and printed on durable paper. Another component to developing hunting maps is tracking the actual movement of animals!