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How to access LINZ lidar in Equator

Follow these simple steps to access NZ lidar now:
  1. Create an Equator account and login
  2. Navigate to your site location
  3. Open the Site Builder menu
  4. Add a new site and select your site bounds
  5. Select the topographic map product from the left menu
  6. Customize your topographic map and download or share

Frequently Asked Questions

LINZ stands for Land Information New Zealand. LINZ is an agency that maintains and stores New Zealand’s title and survey records. LINZ data is data maintained and stored by LINZ. This included topographic data, hydrographic information, address boundaries and land ownership, crown pastoral land leases and geodetic system, aerial images. Data is freely available in many commonly used and standards-based geospatial formats and projections to ensure interoperability across commonly used systems and processes.

In the Equator platform you can use the Site Builder to select an area you would like to generate data for. After declaring your project bounds you will be able to select a geospatial product in the left-hand sidebar.

Depending on the size and quality you decide to export, the data will be available as quickly as we can process it.

If you would like to download LINZ lidar you can do so directly through the Equator platform. Using the Site Builder you are able to declare your project bounds. Once project bounds have been set, you can select a product in the left-hand sidebar that fits your needs. Some of our products are viewable in the app while others are emailed to you directly.

Whether you obtained the LINZ lidar from the Equator platform or from the LINZ Elevation Map you can open and view the lidar in Equator. Simple drag the file and drop it onto the map and the data will load in so you can view it.

The collection of the LINZ lidar began in 2010 and is ongoing to this day. The newest dataset that has been released was in 2020.

Airplanes, helicopters and drones are most commonly used to collect lidar data. By 2024, 80% of the country will be covered and will be freely available on an open license.

The accuracy of the data collected:

Vertical accuracy specification is +/-0.2m (@ 95% confidence)

Horizontal accuracy specification is +/-0.6m (@ 95% confidence)