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Below is the most comprehensive list of LiDAR data available online for Polk County. Select the data set you need, open it online in Equator, view the point cloud in vivid 3D, and take measurements instantly.

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Start your design or assessment on day one, using the most accurate LiDAR data available online for Florida - to impress your client and get more done. Online LiDAR data is more accurate than ever before and Equator users are saving time and expense.

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Accuracy and Product Information

LiDAR Accuracy
5 to 30 cm
LiDAR Products
Contours, DEMs, Point Clouds
LiDAR Export File Types

Preview of Data Products in Polk County

Preview Image of Export Type contours_dwg

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Sources: LiDAR, DSM | SHP, DWG
Preview Image of Export Type entwine_lazy

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Point Cloud
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | LAZ
Preview Image of Export Type mesh

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3D Surface
Sources: LiDAR, DSM
Preview Image of Export Type DEM

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Digital Elevation Model
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | GeoTiff
Preview Image of Export Type DSM

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Digital Surface Model
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | GeoTiff
Preview Image of Export Type hillshade

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Surface Hillshade
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | GeoTiff
Preview Image of Export Type STL

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Printable Mesh
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | STL
Preview Image of Export Type heightmap

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Sources: LiDAR, DSM | PNG, RAW


What is LiDAR?

What is LiDAR? LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging, which uses laser pulses to measure distances. LiDAR is a type of laser scanning technology used for many different applications, from self-driving cars to scanning the surface of an object. Equator makes it easy to access airborne LiDAR survey data, typically used by engineers, architects, and other infrastructure professionals.

LiDAR point clouds are typically viewed using modern GIS or CAD software. Equator helps LiDAR users find and view LiDAR data online without any special setup or training. Read more about Equator’s LiDAR Viewer, or check out our gallery of beautiful LiDAR point cloud data examples.

In the LiDAR coverage map, the attribute “QL” refers to LiDAR Quality Levels.

You can make and download Florida Topographic Maps in minutes with Equator.

Lidar data is a powerful tool for mapping and surveying, and the state of Florida has a large repository of lidar data that can be downloaded by anyone. This data can be used for everything from studying land changes to creating 3D models of the landscape. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) has made this data available online, and it can be accessed quickly and easily through the Equator platform.

Lidar technology is becoming an increasingly popular tool among surveyors and engineers in Florida. As it becomes more popular, the ease of access has improved as well. The simplest, quickest way to get access to Florida statewide LiDAR is through the Equator app.

Lidar surveys are rapidly becoming an important tool for mapping and surveying in Florida. There are many advantages to using lidar data, including the high degree of accuracy and detail it provides. In addition, lidar is capable of penetrating through dense vegetation, making it perfect for surveying areas with a lot of trees or other obstacles. If you need accurate lidar data for your project in Florida, use Equator to get the highest quality, up-to-date data.

Florida DEM files made from high quality LiDAR point clouds are the best DEMs to work with. Using the highest quality LiDAR data available, Equator has made it simple to create DEM files for any area in Florida.

If you're looking for accurate and up-to-date topographical data for Orange County, Florida, look no further than lidar technology. Lidar sensors suspended from aircraft collect elevation data that is then processed to create a three-dimensional map of the area. This information can be used for a variety of purposes, from land management to engineering projects. Thanks to its accuracy and versatility, lidar has become an important tool for collecting data in Orange County. Equator has made all of this data quick and easy to get for use in your own projects.

Dive into the depths of Florida's digital elevation model to explore its intricate terrain. Equator's 3D map provides a comprehensive view of the state's topography, ranging from its highest peaks to its deepest valleys.

Florida has a wealth of geographic information system (GIS) data that can be used by government agencies, businesses, and citizens. The quick and easiest way to access this data is using Equator mapping software.

By using publicly available data, Equator has made it simple to make topographic maps of Florida. Just create an account, choose the dataset you would like and view the topographic map of Florida!

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