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Below is the most comprehensive list of LiDAR data available online for Menifee County. Select the data set you need, open it online in Equator, view the point cloud in vivid 3D, and take measurements instantly.

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Start your design or assessment on day one, using the most accurate LiDAR data available online for Kentucky - to impress your client and get more done. Online LiDAR data is more accurate than ever before and Equator users are saving time and expense.

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Fill in the blanks with Kentucky LiDAR data now. Don’t let private property, difficult terrain or weather keep you from accessing accurate topo data.

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Accuracy and Product Information

LiDAR Accuracy
5 to 30 cm
LiDAR Products
Contours, DEMs, Point Clouds
LiDAR Export File Types

Preview of Data Products in Menifee County

Preview Image of Export Type contours_dwg

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Sources: LiDAR, DSM | SHP, DWG
Preview Image of Export Type entwine_lazy

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Point Cloud
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | LAZ
Preview Image of Export Type mesh

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3D Surface
Sources: LiDAR, DSM
Preview Image of Export Type DEM

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Digital Elevation Model
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | GeoTiff
Preview Image of Export Type DSM

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Digital Surface Model
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | GeoTiff
Preview Image of Export Type hillshade

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Surface Hillshade
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | GeoTiff
Preview Image of Export Type STL

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Printable Mesh
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | STL
Preview Image of Export Type heightmap

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Sources: LiDAR, DSM | PNG, RAW


What is LiDAR?

What is LiDAR? LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging, which uses laser pulses to measure distances. LiDAR is a type of laser scanning technology used for many different applications, from self-driving cars to scanning the surface of an object. Equator makes it easy to access airborne LiDAR survey data, typically used by engineers, architects, and other infrastructure professionals.

LiDAR point clouds are typically viewed using modern GIS or CAD software. Equator helps LiDAR users find and view LiDAR data online without any special setup or training. Read more about Equator’s LiDAR Viewer, or check out our gallery of beautiful LiDAR point cloud data examples.

In the LiDAR coverage map, the attribute “QL” refers to LiDAR Quality Levels.

You can make and download Kentucky Topographic Maps in minutes with Equator.

Viewing Kentucky elevation contours, topography and other elevation data has never been easier. Login to Equator to access Kentucky elevation contours.

Create high-quality DEM files from the state of Kentucky. View DEMs in Equator, or export them for use in other software.

Kentucky is home to a wealth of geographical information, much of which can now be accessed via the use of lidar data. Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) technology has revolutionized the way we gather remote sensing data, allowing us to map terrain with unprecedented accuracy in order to better understand our environment and make sound development decisions. Accessing this data has never been easier than now with Equator. Through Equator's mapping platform and database anybody can access high-quality Kentucky LiDAR data.

As a business or government organization faced with the challenge of making critical decisions about land usage, having access to high-quality Geographic Information System (GIS) data is essential. Kentucky GIS data can be accessed in Equator. DEMs, contours, and other LiDAR derived data products.

Are you looking for elevation data from the beautiful state of Kentucky? Equator has made it easy for you to get Kentucky elevation data in a variety of formats. Download DEMs, contours and LiDAR point clouds on Equator.

If you're looking for a Kentucky LiDAR data download then visit Equator. Select the exact area you need data for and we will process the data and send it to your email.

If you're looking for an up-to-date and detailed overview of Kentucky, then a topographic map is a great way to get started. Use Equator to quickly create a detailed Kentucky topo map

Are you looking for a better way to map Kentucky? Look no further than the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Map of Kentucky. This high-quality, detailed and accurate mapping service offers features that make it an invaluable asset for any user. Equator has made this data easily accessibly. Select the area you would like data for and we will process the data for you and send it to your email.

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