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Below is the most comprehensive list of LiDAR data available online for Pennsylvania. Select the data set you need, open it online in Equator, view the point cloud in vivid 3D, and take measurements instantly.

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Start your design or assessment on day one, using the most accurate LiDAR data available online for Pennsylvania - to impress your client and get more done. Online LiDAR data is more accurate than ever before and Equator users are saving time and expense.

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Download centimeter accurate Pennsylvania LiDAR elevation data now, and cut thousands in survey costs from your proposal, to beat the competition on price.

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Fill in the blanks with Pennsylvania LiDAR data now. Don’t let private property, difficult terrain or weather keep you from accessing accurate topo data.

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Accuracy and Product Information

LiDAR Accuracy
5 to 30 cm
LiDAR Products
Contours, DEMs, Point Clouds
LiDAR Export File Types

Preview of Data Products in Pennsylvania

Preview Image of Export Type contours_dwg

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Sources: LiDAR, DSM | SHP, DWG
Preview Image of Export Type entwine_lazy

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Point Cloud
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | LAZ
Preview Image of Export Type mesh

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3D Surface
Sources: LiDAR, DSM
Preview Image of Export Type DEM

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Digital Elevation Model
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | GeoTiff
Preview Image of Export Type DSM

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Digital Surface Model
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | GeoTiff
Preview Image of Export Type hillshade

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Surface Hillshade
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | GeoTiff
Preview Image of Export Type STL

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Printable Mesh
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | STL
Preview Image of Export Type heightmap

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Sources: LiDAR, DSM | PNG, RAW


What is LiDAR?

What is LiDAR? LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging, which uses laser pulses to measure distances. LiDAR is a type of laser scanning technology used for many different applications, from self-driving cars to scanning the surface of an object. Equator makes it easy to access airborne LiDAR survey data, typically used by engineers, architects, and other infrastructure professionals.

LiDAR point clouds are typically viewed using modern GIS or CAD software. Equator helps LiDAR users find and view LiDAR data online without any special setup or training. Read more about Equator’s LiDAR Viewer, or check out our gallery of beautiful LiDAR point cloud data examples.

In the LiDAR coverage map, the attribute “QL” refers to LiDAR Quality Levels.

You can make and download Pennsylvania Topographic Maps in minutes with Equator.

Pennsylvania is a massive state, covering over 46,000 square miles. While its size can make it daunting to explore, a new lidar map makes it easier than ever to see all that the state has to offer. Produced by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and released in late 2017, the map is the most up-to-date and accurate depiction of the state's topography. At Equator we have made that data readily available to everyone.

The publicly available data for Pennsylvania has made DEM files easy to create using Equator. Simply choose your location and click Generate to get access.

Pennsylvania spatial data access (PASDA) is a portal that allows anybody to get high-quality data from across Pennsylvania. To easily access this data, try the Equator platform. We build DEMs, contours and more for you from high-quality LiDAR point cloud data.

PASDA Lidar Navigator is an Android application that enables you to use your phone or tablet as a real-time 3D scanner. It calculates the position and orientation of the device in relation to its surroundings by shining a laser light onto objects and measuring the reflected pulses. This information is then used to generate point clouds and 3D models that can be exported, shared, and viewed in augmented reality. PASDA Lidar Navigator is perfect for anyone who wants to create their own 3D scans or models, whether for personal or professional use. If you would like to get that data for use in other software from your computer, use Equator.

PASDA stands for Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access. To get PASDA topo maps you can use the Equator platform to quickly and easily access the available data. Create LiDAR point clouds, contours, DEMs and more using the PASDA topo maps on Equator.

Pennsylvania LiDAR data is collected and readily available online from government portals. To access this data in a variety of formats, use the Equator software. Access LiDAR point clouds, contours, DEMs and more.

To download Pennsylvania LiDAR data use the Data menu in Equator. Pick your location, select your product and click generate. The LiDAR data download will appear in your email inbox.

Pennsylvania data collection service to collect LiDAR happened between 2006 and 2008. This LiDAR data is publicly available. The easiest way to access this data in a variety of formats is through the Equator mapping platform.

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