Texas Coastal LiDAR Project

This page includes a summary of the Texas Coastal LiDAR project, completed for the Texas Water Development Board. You can read more about the data, or access it right away by clicking on the link below.

Texas Coastal LiDAR Map

The Texas Coastal LiDAR Project 

The Texas Coastal LiDAR project was completed between January 13, 2018 and June 11, 2018. This survey included Houston, as well as the surrounding areas all the way to the coastline. There were a number of stakeholders involved in this project including the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS), a part of the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), and the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC).

LiDAR Data Collection

In total, around 9,163 square miles were surveyed by the aerial mapping division of Fugro. They LiDAR survey was completed to Quality Level 2 as per the USGS Lidar Base Specification 1.2.

Highway 90 Houston USGS LiDAR Point Cloud

LiDAR Data Accuracy 

A third party (AECOM) was retained by the Texas Water Development Board to complete a quality assessment of the collected LiDAR data.  They tested non-vegetated vertical accuracy (NVA) and vegetated vertical accuracy (VVA) throughout the surveyed area.  Their results are published in this report.  Overall, at a 95% confidence level, the NVA and VVA were found to be 9.8 cm (3.9 inches) and 11.6 cm (4.6 inches) respectively.

Texas Cities/Towns covered in the LiDAR Survey

The Texas Coastal LiDAR survey area included the following cities/ towns:

  • Orangefield
  • Pinehurst
  • Mauriceville
  • Freeport
  • Santa Fe
  • Pearland
  • Houston
  • Van Vleck
  • Bellville
  • Montgomery
  • Hardin
  • Galveston
  • Bayou Vista
  • Quintana
  • Bay City
  • And others
Bridge cross section from 3D topography in Equator mapping software

What if this LiDAR doesn’t cover my project site?

There are many other areas included in the USGS LiDAR database.  Please visit USGS Topographic Map to learn more.

Why should I use Equator to access the Texas Central LiDAR Survey?

  • Revolutionary 3D platform for viewing LiDAR survey data in on a globe

  • Centimeters of accuracy from your home or office

  • Export data into different formats – DEM, shapefile, DXF, etc.