Ontario Data Highway

Synonym for data highway: API
  1. Software used to connect towns, cities, or other organizations
  2. Effective in decreasing the travel time of information
  3. A main growth center for people and businesses in Ontario


Ontario Data Highway by the Numbers

Data Sets

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring isolated Ontario data owners together by building a central API (or "Data Highway").

The need for the Ontario Data Highway has never been greater. Bottlenecks to data are causing congestion in Ontario's housing planning and approvals process, reducing our capacity to house our growing population.

The Ontario Data Highway digitally connects our cities, industry, and other organizations, supporting automations in the housing approvals process, increases in productivity and trillions of dollars in downstream economic benefits.


How the Ontario Data Highway Works

For Data Owners

  • Create an account
  • Add your data
  • Share with thousands of Ontarians

For Software Developers

  • Create an account
  • Connect to the API
  • Access thousands of data sets


See who's on the Ontario Data Highway

“With such a simple path to integration, we've been able to continue to help speed up the approvals process by creating custom automation for our biggest customers.”

Brian Developer, CEO Company 

One simple connection to help Ontario automate planning approvalsdrainage studiesbuilder permits land acquisition housing design environmental studies