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Equator is the quickest way to access local high resolution digital topography, or to add and share your own!

Topography contours farm field Equator mapping softwareTopography contours farm field in Equator mapping software

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Vancouver LiDAR Point Cloud

Find your next survey points here. Billions, and billions of them.

Access lidar surveys from all over the world. Upload your own data from laz, shapefile, or other popular formats. Check out our extensive library of DEMs.

Check out how to use Equator to support your due diligence process.

Impress your clients with stunning maps you create.

Choose from our library of hundreds of map templates. Add text, draw shapes and be creative. Upload your company logo and customize your look.

Check out how Equator is being used to inform technical proposals.

3D topography and contours in Equator mapping software, Scarborough, Ontario
Bridge cross section from 3D topography in Equator mapping software

Visualize your site from a new perspective.

Cut cross sections from the topography in real-time. Simply toggle between data layers. Check out your site from hundreds of vantage points.

“We previously would request LIDAR/contour information from one person who was experienced in downloading the files. With Equator, it is accessible to everyone.”


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Equator was created by Engineers, so we know you how you work, who you work with and the tools you use. We’ve made it easy to integrate into your current workflow and get up-and-running in minutes.

  • Extract topographic data in minutes

  • Integrate with Civil 3D, ArcGIS, and Google Earth data formats

  • Specify the desired resolution output

  • Easily export markups and notes to Civil 3D, ArcGIS, and Google Earth

  • No setup required – Equator is a web based platform

  • Our team is here to help, anytime you need!

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Working on a new proposal? Equator helps civil engineering firms increase their technical scores and standout from their competition. We will gladly send you free custom resources to help you come out on top!

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