User Guide / User interface 

User interface

UI Overview

In Equator there are 4 main areas of the UI:

  1. Navigation can be found on the left-hand side of the screen
  2. Your profile and additional tools and information can be found on the top bar
  3. Design tools, base maps, the user guide and help chat can be found on the right-hand insert menu
Equator UI

Navigation Sidebar

By selecting one of the options from the Navigation sidebar on the left side of the screen you will be able to access:

  • Search menu for searching locations and data layers
  • Data menu for processing data (LiDAR, contours, DEM files and more) into Equator or preparing it for download to be used outside of Equator
  • Layers menu to view layers you have added from the search menu, data menu or files you have dragged into Equator
  • Project menu where you can switch between projects, creating new blank canvases or revisiting previous projects you’ve worked on
  • 3D Models menu to add 3D models to the map
Equator Sidebar

Top Bar

In the top bar you will find:

  • Screenshot button for taking screenshots of the map surface
  • Share button to share your map with other to collaborate in real time
  • Import button where you can find out what files we support and choose one from your computer to import onto the map
  • Profile button which gives you access to your account profile, settings and the option to sign out
Equator Top Bar

Design Tool Sidebar

In the design sidebar you will find:

  • The North arrow used to reorient the camera to an overhead, north-facing position
  • Text tool used to add text annotations
  • Icon tool used to add icons
  • Measure tool to take accurate measurements
  • Markup tool to create polygons
  • Cross-section tool to get accurate elevation information over an area
  • Spot elevation tool to get the elevation of a point on the map
  • Spline tool to draw curved lines or polygons with curved lines
  • Image tool for placing images on the map
  • 3D cutaway tool to instantly create a 3D map of a desired area
  • Drawing tool for making precise drawings

Below, you will find:

  • A list of base maps available
  • Link to our user guide
  • Help chat button
Equator Design Sidebar