User Guide / 3D Models

Working with 3D Models in Equator

In this Tutorial

We will walk you through how to work with 3D models in Equator.

Using Equator’s 3D Model Library

First, open the 3D Models menu from the left-hand sidebar (shown below in red).

3D Models in Equator

Then, select a 3D model from the list. The next click you make on the map will place the 3D model onto the map’s surface.

Note: It could take a few moments for the 3D model to load onto the map’s surface.

3D Model of Bush

Uploading your own 3D model

You can also upload your own 3D models into the Equator platform. Simply drag and drop a .GLTF file into the map!

Mars Rover 3D Model

Customize 3D Model Settings

By selecting the Layers menu on the left-hand menu (shown below in red), you can find the layer associated with your 3D model.

Layers Menu in Equator

Selecting the 3D model from the layers menu will bring up the layer settings. From this menu you can change the name, position, rotation and scale of the 3D model.

3D Model Settings