Screenshot of Equator app showing layers to add to an aerial map

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How can I make maps using Equator?

Either drag and drop your own files, or use the Data menu to view and export contours, lidar, DEMs and more.

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Watch this YouTube tutorial video to learn more about how to use Equator. In this video, we show you how to view gorgeous lidar data in 3 ways: as a point cloud, 3D surface, and as contours.

Point Cloud in Equator

Map Creator Features

Equator’s map creator has features to allow you to make professional maps and get the data you need.

LiDAR point cloud of Rhode Island showing a highway

High-resolution Point Clouds

Select an area to view and export lidar point clouds from our map creator. Adjust the color, point size and other settings to customize the point cloud for your needs.

Contours with up to 1ft Intervals

Don’t miss out on the finer elevation data details. Use Equator to create contour maps. Contours generated in Equator are ready for use in other GIS software.

1 foot contours on an aerial map of a highway ramp
Digital Elevation Model of highway interchange

1m Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)

Produce high-quality DEMs from datasets built into the Equator platform.

Do More with Equator

Use the built-in tools to design a map for exactly what you need.

Text Annotations Measurements and Markups

Text Annotations, Measuring, Markups

Customize your maps with text annotations and markups. Use the measuring tool to get accurate distance measurements for your engineering drawings. Use the spline tool to draw accurate curves.

View Elevation Data with Cross Sections

Use the cross section tool to view detailed elevation data generated from our dense LiDAR point cloud data.

Jacksonville Cross Section
Equator Solar Panel 3D Model

Add 3D Models

Place 3D models from our 3D model library of bushes, houses and more. Place your own custom 3D models by dragging and dropping .GLTF files onto the map.

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