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Use Equator to instantly unlock access to the best elevation data online.  From prospecting to proposals, use Equator to start your best work today.  Signup and experience mapping and design software that is elevating the work of thousands of design teams around the world.

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Source lidar data

With hundreds of built-in data sets, get a headstart on the completion and put your best work forward.

Clip data to your boundary

Instantly clip data to your boundary and set up your site on your own, for faster turnaround of deliverables.

Generate smooth contours

Generate smooth contours from accurate lidar data, in any interval, and take pride in your work. 

Create CAD ready base plans

Download CAD-ready base plans and start with quality background information from day one.

Say “Hello” to the Data Menu, Your Personal GIS Assistant

Stop sourcing, processing, filtering, and cleaning up data and start focusing on the work that you actually enjoy. Produce custom elevation deliverables on your own through our Data Menu.

No more waiting for survey data, start designing today

Start your design or analysis right from the kick-off.  Equator provides instant access to the highest-resolution lidar and elevation data available, without leaving the office.

Become your team’s new superstar

Uncover meaningful location insights and unlock the potential from better data to get your work done at lightning speed.  

Stand out from the competition and win more work

 Score higher on proposals and create competitive cost estimates with better data access, without losing billable time. Anyone can do it!

Elevate your work with instant access to accuracy

Equator does the hard work of sourcing high-resolution elevation data so you don’t have to.  Featuring trusted data providers such as:

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“With Equator, LiDAR is accessible to everyone.”

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$0/ user per month

For personal use.  Includes basic map design features and layer organization.


$30/ user per month

For basic business use.  Recommended for managers and the supporting team.

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$67/ user per month

For advanced business use.  Recommended for technical team members.

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Client Ready Invoices

Equator Professional users receive a monthly report of the deliverables and GIS services utilized, organized by project, for ease of client invoicing. Download a sample (coming soon).

  • Charge data, deliverables and GIS services to a project

  • Download and customize your invoices

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How to Create a Topographic Map

Follow these simple steps to create a topographic map:

  1. Create an Equator account and login
  2. Navigate to your site location
  3. Open the Data Menu
  4. Add a new site and select your site bounds
  5. Select the topographic map product from the left menu
  6. Customize your topographic map and download or share

Why the Equator Data Menu is Made for You

Equator’s mission is to elevate the work of design teams by providing unprecedented access to the world’s data.

Public organizations around the world are investing billions in digital elevation infrastructure to support everything from precision agriculture, to flood management, and land development. But the problem is, many professionals who could benefit from this information cannot directly access it.

We believe that everyone who relies on spatial data deserves simple and direct access to this information. We built the Equator Data Menu to democratize access to mission-critical spatial insights and design tools. Our goal is to help all professionals independently access the information they need to increase confidence and quality of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Equator is mapping and design software with thousands of built-in data sets.  Equator is used by civil engineers, architects, and construction professionals around the world to find, build, and share maps and designs instantly.

Equator indexes data from open data portals around the world.  Many data sets are pulled in automatically through APIs and others are added by our team of GIS experts and geospatial developers.

Equator goes above and beyond other data platforms, by layering on automated GIS services.  Instead of hiring specialists to collect or process data, Equator allows you to independently create deliverables that meet your project needs in minutes.

LiDAR is Light Detection and Ranging technology.  This technology uses a pulsed laser to measure distances from the laser to a surface.  LiDAR is often used for remote sensing applications, for example, measuring the distance to the Earth’s surface for elevation mapping.  Learn more here.