Equator 3D Elevation Data Monitor

Fast-Track Due Diligence

With Equator, Real Estate professionals can carry out site assessments and make property acquisition decisions faster, with better data and more confidence.

“Equator speeds up this whole process quite a lot.”

Clint Karsetter, Principal, Owner of CK Civil Engineering LLC (Fayetteville, Arkansas)

Speed up site assessments to accelerate closes

Slow site assessments can cost you prime properties. With Equator you can fast track site analysis and assessments – perfect for real estate professionals looking to move fast and capitalize on opportunities

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One-stop for site analysis data

There’s no time to sift through databases to find the information you need. Get accurate data from a single portal as soon as the property hits the market.

  • Hundreds of built-in GIS data sets
  • Easy-to-use user interface

Improve decision-making with better data

Upgrade from flat aerial views. Experience high-resolution, lidar-derived contours from Equator for unprecedented topographical site detail to support better decision-making.

  • Centimeter accurate topographic maps
  • Cross section, slope and elevation insights

  • Easy map making tools

Cross Section LiDAR
Equator Interoperability

Faster turnaround time on assessments

Flag drainage issues, identify site constraints and estimate costs with instant access to data in Equator, without leaving the office.

  • Instantly view your site in vivid detail

  • Generate DEMs, contours, point clouds and more!
  • Get data in the right coordinate system for CAD or GIS

How To

How to find the GIS data you need

Get data for real estate worflows:

  • Login or Signup for Equator

  • Create New Site

  • Add Data to your site (DEM, contours, point cloud)
  • Download data in the file format you need!