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Bring Your Vision to Life

Equator empowers Designers to take their art beyond the limitations of the third dimension by utilizing detailed maps to create immersive 3D masterpieces that transform landscapes into stunning, emotionally engaging works of art.

“I was just kind of blown away by how good the detail was.”

– Steve Moseley, Civil Engineer, Artist, and Builder (Iowa)
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For the first time, designers can effortlessly ‘create’ with a world of geospatial data

Accessible, high-resolution geospatial data online, coupled with user-friendly data conversion tools, have revolutionized the way Designers use geospatial data. Unlock limitless creative potential with Equator.

LiDAR Archaeology

You’ll be blown away by the detail

See every inch of your project site with high-resolution topographic data, to help you create something truly exceptional.

  • Accurate topographic maps
  • Easy-to-use user interface

Easy data processing, no expertise needed

Easily convert data into the right file format and resolution for your project – you are in full control.

  • Convert data into SVG, STL, DWG and more
  • Customize the resolution of your terrain file
  • Clip data to your project site

Equator file types from LiDAR
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Your one-stop-shop for map data

Stop sifting through hundreds of data portals, and access all the map data you could ever need in one central platform.

  • Hundreds of built-in GIS data sets
  • User friendly data search and viewing tools
How To

How to find the GIS data you need

Get data for design worflows:

  • Login or Signup for Equator

  • Create New Site

  • Add Data to your site (DEM, contours, point cloud)
  • Download data in the file format you need!