Equator 3D Elevation Data Monitor

Accelerating Archaeological Discoveries

Equator gives Archaeologists an edge in prospection – access detailed topographic maps, uncover more right from the office, and gear up for more confident ground truthing.

“I can get in there and get fast and accurate answers from the LiDAR in 5 minutes.”

– Rebecca, Founder, Principal Investigator and Executive Director (Florida)

Archaeology Case Study

Better Archaeological Prospection With LiDAR Data

Unprecedented, high-quality LiDAR and topographic maps are now available online, revolutionizing the work of Archaeologists everywhere. For the first time, access these key insights from LiDAR instantly without GIS assistance, using Equator.

LiDAR Archaeology

No more waiting for GIS: harness the benefits of LiDAR now!

Get your hands on the data and be the first to explore and interpret it.  We guarantee maximum results with a minimal learning curve.

  • Hundreds of built-in LiDAR data sets

  • Tools for viewing LiDAR and DEMs online
  • Easy-to-use user interface

Better archaeological prospection

Boost capabilities with cutting-edge LiDAR visualization tools in Equator to learn more without leaving your desk.

  • Centimeter accurate topographic maps
  • Cross section, slope and elevation insights

  • Easy map making tools

Cross Section LiDAR
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Explore difficult-to-access areas with LiDAR

Avoid surprises on site and investigate areas that were once off-limits, like private properties and densely built-up areas, with DEMs and LiDAR data.

  • Instantly view your site in vivid detail

  • Generate DEMs, contours, point clouds and more!
  • Share maps with others online
How To

How to find the GIS data you need

Get data for archeology worflows:

  • Login or Signup for Equator

  • Create New Site

  • Add Data to your site (DEM, contours, point cloud)
  • Customize data visualization and interpret with ease