What is Equator?

Equator is modern mapping software used for extracting high-quality data and creating custom maps.

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What can I do with Equator?

Get High Quality Elevation Data on Demand

Access LiDAR, contours and DEMs for in-depth GIS analysis. Either use the data in Equator, or export it for use in other software.

We create our contours from LiDAR. This means that your contours can be made up of hundreds of thousands of points, providing an accuracy up to a few centimeters.

Custom Maps in Equator

Create Custom Maps

Using Equator’s built in map making tool you can load in data files, draw markups, take measurements, view cross sections and more.

Design a map for any purpose and easily share it!

Collaborate on Maps

Equator is the first mapping platform where you can collaborate with others in real time. See your team’s cursor, their data and markups live as you work on a map together.

Bring others into your map to give presentations or analyze a site as a team.

Remote collaboration in Equator, designing collaboratively

Create Proposals and Reports

Using Equator to create proposals and reports is easy. Gone are the days where you need to use multiple pieces of software to complete a project.

In Equator’s report builder you can access all the tools you would need to make a finished product. Engineers who use Equator spend less time making maps, draw greater insights and win more work through their proposals.


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