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Power Up your Team with an AI Proposal Writing Assistant 

Increase billable time, reduce proposal costs and win more work. We help you leverage the latest AI models trained specifically for engineering proposals.

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The old way of creating engineering proposals…

“When a new proposal comes up, it’s typically drop everything to get it done.  Billable time goes out the window, and most firms just can’t afford that way of thinking anymore.”
Rebecca Swabey, P.Eng., Equator CEO and Co-Founder


Writing compelling, competitive, and unique proposals from scratch is extremely time consuming.


Digging through file folders, copying and pasting text, and populating new proposals is the norm.


Proposal prep time cuts into project margins and takes focus away from meeting billable targets. 

Now, create proposal drafts in minutes with AI…

43% of engineering consultants say wasting billable time is the most painful part of the proposal process, based on a recent survey by Equator. 

Lightning Fast

Populate proposal templates, with the specific RFP requirements in minutes.

AI Powered

Create compelling proposals that are on brand, and highlight your firm’s unique capabilities with custom training data (aka your firm’s past proposals).

A Fraction of the Cost

Complete proposal drafts in 1/10 of the time it used to take, resulting in more billable time and higher margins.

How it Works

Step 1: Upload the RFP

Upload the RFP package of documents to the Equator AI Proposal Assistant.

Step 2: Connect to Past Proposals

Securely upload or connect past proposals to train the AI model on your company’s capabilities.

Step 3: Generate New Proposals

Create custom proposals, fast, tailored to the RFP requirements using AI and company templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

An AI proposal writer is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to generate high-quality proposals, documents, and content based on user input and specific guidelines.

An AI proposal writer analyzes the input provided by the user, understands the context and requirements of the proposal, and then generates coherent and relevant content by mimicking human language patterns and styles.

While AI proposal writers can automate the content generation process, they are not meant to replace human writers. They complement human expertise by saving time, providing suggestions, and generating drafts, but the final touch of creativity and personalization often comes from human writers.

AI proposal writers can accelerate the proposal creation process, ensure consistency, reduce errors, and provide a wealth of content suggestions. They also help in standardizing formats and templates, making the proposal development process more efficient.

The quality of the content generated by an AI proposal writer can vary depending on the tool and its training. While they can provide a good starting point, human review and editing are usually recommended to ensure accuracy, clarity, and alignment with the proposal’s goals.

Yes! It is possible to run the Equator AI proposal writer entirely on your company servers, with security provisions, so that information is not accessible beyond the organization.   

Many AI proposal writers allow for customization. You can edit, modify, and personalize the content generated to better align with your specific proposal requirements, ensuring that the final output reflects your unique voice and approach.

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