Equator 3D Elevation Data Monitor

Faster Surveys, Better Results

Equator helps Surveyors do more, with less by providing quick and reliable access to LiDAR data. Improve response time, stop waiting for data, and improve client deliverables.

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“Without Equator and access to Lidar data, it would take many months for us to find a crew.” 

– Jose Chepo Rivera, Independent surveyor and Designer (Puerto Rico)
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Slash Response Times with Instant Access to LiDAR

Natural disasters, competition, and new technology are changing the world of surveying, requiring faster response times. Equator’s instant online access to centimeter-accurate LiDAR point cloud data can help Surveyors meet these demands and stay ahead of the game.

Cross Section LiDAR

Improve response time

Beat the bad weather, dense vegetation, natural disasters, and angry dogs! Get great data from Equator and get started on your deliverables today.

  • Hundreds of built-in LiDAR data sets

  • Tools for viewing LiDAR and DEMs online
  • Easy-to-use user interface

Stop waiting for data

Don’t let survey crew shortages hold you back. With Equator, you can instantly access high-resolution topographic data that would otherwise take months to gather and process.

  • Centimeter accurate topographic maps
  • Cross section, slope and elevation insights

  • Easy map making tools

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Equator Interoperability

Improve client deliverables

Create superior quality deliverables for your clients by integrating data from your survey crews with a secondary, reliable source of truth.

  • Instantly view your site in vivid detail

  • Generate DEMs, contours, point clouds and more!
  • Get data in the correct coordinate system for CAD or GIS

How To

How to find the GIS data you need

Get data for survey worflows:

  • Login or Signup for Equator

  • Create New Site

  • Add Data to your site (DEM, contours, point cloud)
  • Download data in the file format you need!