User Guide / Using Icons in Equator

Using Icons in Equator


Inserting icons

Click the icons tool on the sidebar. This will cause an icon to follow your cursor around on the map.

Place icons with left-click. You can place as many icons as you wish. To finish placing icons, right-click or press Escape.

All the icons placed before right clicking will appear in the Layers list as a group. You can make multiple groups by clicking on the Icons tool again.

Icons are unnamed by default. You can change the name of a group by clicking on the name and typing in your desired one. You can change the name of an individual icon by clicking on the layer to open it up, clicking the pencil next to the name at the top of the menu, and typing in your desired name.

Changing the appearance of icons

By inspecting the group header, all icons in the group can be edited at once.

Under Style, the colour, size, and angle of the icons can be changed. You can also select a different icon from the list.

Individual icons can be edited by inspecting them. Any changes made to the icon will not affect any others in the group.

The Position modifier can only be used with individual icons. Clicking Move Icon will cause the icon to follow your cursor. A left-click will place the icon down at the new location.

Removing icons

To delete an icon, click the three dots on a group or individual icon label and select Delete twice.