User Guide / Adding Images

Adding Images to the Map in Equator

In this Tutorial

We will walk you through how to add images to the map in Equator.

Selecting the Image Tool

First, select the image tool from the right-hand sidebar (shown below in red).

Images in Equator

Selecting an Image

After selecting the image tool from the sidebar your File Explorer will appear on-screen. Select the image from your computer that you would like to bring onto the map and click ‘Open’.


Placing the Image

After you’ve selected the image, the chosen image will follow around your cursor on the map. To place the image, simply click in the location you would like to place the image.

Place Image in Equator

Customizing the Image

After placing the image a menu will appear on the left that gives you options to customize the image. Here you can change the size, rotation, replace the image and much more.

Customize Image in Equator