User Guide / Creating a new project

Creating a new project


In the Navigation bar on the left, navigate to the Projects menu to view your projects.

Equator Projects

Creating A New Project

The first time you log in, you should already have one project titled “New Project”. To create additional projects, click the “Add Project” in the project menu.

Your active project will show an icon of an open folder. You can switch between projects by clicking on their names.

Saving your Work

All of your work is saved automatically.  If you switch between projects, or close the browser, your work will still be saved. 

Naming Your Project

To rename your active project project, hover over it and select the gear icon. In the pop-up menu, choose “Rename.” You can also double click on the project name to edit it.

Duplicating / Deleting A Project

To duplicate the project, select the “Duplicate” option.  If you would like to delete your project, simply click the gear again, select “Delete”, and confirm.