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Data Hub

You need data. We’ve got it.

Using Equator’s Data Hub you can extract the data you need from our map or use our data search engine to find pre-existing datasets. Get the highest quality, highest resolution data available in any format your desire.

Two layers in QGIS with Surface Flow Directions
Minneapolis Topography

Virtual Surveyor

You don’t need to leave your desk to get the data you need. We’ve got you covered.

Equator’s Virtual Surveyor lets you get survey data without the hassle of paying a professional or going into the field. Access trillions of points to create the best LiDAR point clouds, contours, DEMs and more.

Collaborative Mapping Software

You can now work on a map with your team and share directly with your clients using Equator’s Collaborative Mapping Software. See collaborator’s cursors, load in data, do your analysis or present your work.

Remote collaboration in Equator, designing collaboratively
Equator Layers

What is Equator?

Equator is all-in-one mapping software for civil engineers, architects, and designers. Equator includes thousands of built-in data sets, like LiDAR and DEMs and easy-to-use design and map making tools. Create accurate, professional maps in minutes!

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