User Guide / Import STL into Blender

How to Import an STL file into Blender

To begin, find an area with that you would like to create a 3D model of. Then, create a new site by clicking the “New Site” button.

Once done, click the “Okay” button.

After the “Data” menu opens, scroll down until you find the “Printable Mesh” option.

Click the blue icon to download the printable mesh onto the selected site. Then, click the blue “Generate” button.

Once generated, open the file (which should appear at the bottom of your web browser).

Once done, open Blender on your desktop. Once a new project has been created, delete the cube in your project file.

To import the printable mesh file, open “File”, then “Import”, and then “Stl”. Then select the printable mesh file.

To move the imported object, press “G”. After pressing “G”, the object can be moved along the x-axis (“X”), along the y-axis (“Y”) and along the z-axis (“Z”). 

To scale the object, press “S” on your keyboard.

To change the colour of the object, click the “Material Properties” icon. Next, click “New” button and then select a colour. To view the change in colour click the “Viewport Shading” icon.