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Generate Contours, DEMs, and more with Equator

Generate, view, and download high-quality data products using Equator, generated from LiDAR data in minutes and clipped to your project site! Select a product below to learn more...

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Sources: LiDAR, DSM | SHP, DWG
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Point Cloud
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | LAZ
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3D Surface
Sources: LiDAR, DSM
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Digital Elevation Model
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | GeoTiff
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Digital Surface Model
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | GeoTiff
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Surface Hillshade
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | GeoTiff
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Printable Mesh
Sources: LiDAR, DSM | STL
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Sources: LiDAR, DSM | PNG, RAW

Get Great Topo Data Now, Without a Costly Surveyor

Start your design or assessment on day one, using the most accurate topographic data available online to impress your client and get more done. Online LiDAR data is more accurate than ever before and Equator users are saving time and expense.

Colorized point cloud in Equator

Cut costs from proposals and win more work

Download centimeter accurate LiDAR elevation data now, and cut thousands in survey costs from your proposal, to beat the competition on price.

Taking a cross section of LiDAR data in Equator

Avoid delays and cost caused by data gaps

Fill in the blanks with LiDAR data now. Don’t let private property, difficult terrain or weather keep you from accessing accurate topo data.

Elevation contours in Equator

Impress prospective clients with hidden insights

Create stunning visuals using LiDAR point clouds, contours, or hillshades and really show off how much you know about the site, without wasting billable time - anyone can do it!


Where does Equator get its elevation data?

Equator works with government and private data providers to integrate their LiDAR data into the Equator platform, making it easier than ever for people to view, process, and download this elevation data. Some of our data providers include the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Land Information Ontario (LIO), and Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN). We're always working to expand our coverage by working with new data providers. If you'd like users to be able to find and process your data with Equator, contact us.

Equator uses the latest open-source technologies to process LiDAR data and generate fresh, high-quality data products like contours, digital elevation models, and more.

Generally, LiDAR data offers higher resolution than most available digital elevation model products, with accuracy that can be as high as a few centimeters. Our government sourced data is classified by the USGS defined quality level, ranging from QL1 (the highest accuracy) down to QL3. In areas where LiDAR or other data is not available, we offer a basic 30 metre resolution from the JAXA-provided AW3D30 digital surface model.