How Abel cut his proposal costs and sped up his projects with Equator

About Abel: Senior Civil Engineer

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Abel Case Study
Abel Case Study

Meet Abel

Abel is a senior civil engineer based in Mexico. He works for a renewable energy company in Demark that specializes in solar and wind energy. His role is to do preliminary surveys for projects.

Abel Castro Carranza

“Our company had a lot of problems getting exact information for our projects. We were using the databases of Google Earth and Global Mapper, but they were imprecise. Finding Equator has improved the work a lot because we can have a much higher level of detail in these landscapes, more than with the other applications.”

Abel Castro Carranza, Senior Civil Engineer at GreenGo Energy Group

Abel’s challenge

Like many civil engineers, Abel relies on quality data for his project assessments. Part of the process he goes through is creative preliminary, intermediate, and final assessments. Before finding Equator, he often had to hire surveyors to get to the intermediate phase of the assessment. Even finding the preliminary data he needed was a time-consuming challenge.

Abel Case Study

“It was really difficult to find precise topography before Equator”

Abel Case Study

Life after Equator

Abel’s go-to feature in Equator is accessing the digital terrain models. They have a much higher resolution than what he found in other applications (0.5m-1m). By downloading the data he needs and plugging it into Global Mapper or Civil3D he can easily generate curve models that he uses to make preliminary designs of roads, drainage work, and hydrological analysis.

The cost savings for the company have been significant and in most cases, Abel is able to jump right into intermediate assessments without sending a professional typographer to the sites, which are all over the globe.

“I really like the attention to detail that you have with the clients, that you try to get to know each of them. You have given me special attention and answered my specific questions which I really appreciate.”

Avoid project delays with Equator

Stop wasting hours scouring the internet for quality data. Engineers that use Equator get their projects off the ground faster, cut their downtime, and close more business.


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