Tutorial: Export Data from Garmin Connect and Import it into Equator

Learn how to create a custom map to showcase a special hike, run or ride

Have you ever participated in a race that left an unforgettable impression on you or accomplished a personal best time that you were eager to showcase to the entire world? Have you ever embarked on an awe-inspiring hike and thought about designing a poster to commemorate the experience on your wall? Creating a beautiful map with Equator is simple if you’ve used your Garmin or other smartwatch to capture that memorable occasion. Just follow the 3 steps below

Garmin to Equator
  1. Export Data from Garmin Connect
  2. Import Data into Equator
  3. Customize Your Map

Step 1: Export Data from Garmin

  • Log into your Garmin Connect account on the computer
  • Go to the run, hike or ride that you want to make a custom map of
  • Click the settings button, then select “export to Google Earth.” This will create a .kml file of your route.
Garmin activity export to Google Earth

Garmin Connect Activity Page
Export to Google Earth is found in settings

Step 2: Import Data into Equator

  • Sign up or log into Equator
  • Drag and drop your kml file into Equator (or alternatively, select the “import” button and navigate to your kml file)
  • To edit the kml file, simply click on it in the Layers menu and the properties menu will come up.

Step 3: Customize Your Map in Equator

  • Under layers, click on the basemap to identify which basemap layer you would like as your background layer
  • Add annotations, pictures, or icons to your route. You can make changes to any of these by clicking on them in the layers menu
  • Create +NEW SITE if you want to get topographic data for your site
  • Export map by selecting the camera button on the top right
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Custom maps created in Equator using the .kml file downloaded from Garmin Connect