Tutorial: How to Create a Study Area Map

Learn how to create a Study Area Map in Equator for Environmental Assessments, Urban Planning, or Market Research

In various fields, including environmental assessment, urban planning, and market research, study area maps play a crucial role in understanding and analyzing specific geographic regions.

Study Area Map for Proposed Flow Monitoring Program

Study Area Map for a Proposed Flow Monitoring Program

What is a Study Area Map?

A study area map is a visual representation of a geographic region or area that is under investigation. It shows the boundaries, key features, and relevant data associated with the area of interest. These maps allow researchers, planners, and decision-makers to better understand the spatial characteristics of the area and can clearly and concisely present stakeholders with the findings.

When referring to environmental assessments and public consultation, having a well-designed study area map is crucial. A study area map provides stakeholders and decision-makers with a clear understanding of the geographical boundaries and scope of a project.

PIC Study Area Map - Road Reconstruction

Study Area Map displayed at a Public Information Center or in a Environmental Assessment or Design Report for a Proposed Road Reconstruction Project

How to Create a Study Area Map in Equator

  1. Sign up or log into Equator
  2. Locate your study area by zooming into it with the mouse or using the search bar
  3. Create a +New Site and select Custom from the New Site menu
  4. Draw your site boundaries and select Create
  5. Select your baselayer: go to the Layers menu, click on the baselayer and select which map background is best for your project
  6. Edit site boundary: go to the Layers menu and click the site limits; choose the line type and colour for the boundary as well as the background colour
  7. Add annotation: label the study area, any streets, or any points of interest
  8. Click on annotation in the layers menu to edit the colour and style
  9. Add icons for key places (found in the right side menu)
  10. Even add photos for key issues if you would like (found in the right side menu)
  11. Export map: click the take screenshot button in top right corner

If you need to inset the study area into a report as its own separate drawing, check out the report-making tools in Equator.

Study Area Map for Creek Realignment Project

Study Area Map for a Creek Realignment Project